Orginazational Structure


Below you will find information on how Faith Lutheran Church of Punta Gorda is organized, including information on membership, as well as a listing of our church officers and boards.

There are three types of members of Faith Lutheran Church according to the Constitution & By-Laws:

Baptized Members

These are individuals who have been baptized in the name of the Triune God


Communicant Members

These are individuals who have been instructed in Christian doctrines as they are expressed in the Lutheran Confessions and express their willingness to commit their lives to Christ and His Service. New members shall be accepted by the Pastor and Elders with the approval of the Board of Directors


Associate Members

These are seasonal residents who are communicant members in good standing of another Lutheran Church. Associate Members shall have all rights and privileges of Communicant Members while in our midst, including voting at meetings and serving on Boards or Committees excepting elected offices of the church. New members shall added upon application and acceptance by the Board of Directors.

The regular meetings of the Voters Assembly, consisting of Communicant Members and Associate Members, will be held twice each year. One meeting will be in the Spring (before Easter) and one will be in the Fall (during the month of November). Special Voter Assembly meetings may be called by the Pastor, the President, the Board of Directors or by written petition of ten voting members of the congregation. A notice of any Voters Assembly meeting must be given at two regular Sunday services.

There is a Board of Directors that has charge of all matters of business designated to the various Boards in the Constitution & By-Laws. Each of the individuals on the Board of Directors shall be elected at a Voters Assembly of Communicant and Associate Members to a two year term; some positions elected in even numbered years and other positions elected in odd numbered years. The Board of Directors consists of the following positions:

Even Election Years
President (max 2 consecutive terms)
Vice President & Chairman Board of Elders
Recording Secretary
Chairperson Board of Stewardship
Chairperson Board of Parish Fellowship

Odd Election Years
Treasurer & Corporate Secretary
Chairperson Board Of Trustees
Chairperson Board Of Christian Education
Chairperson Board of Evangelism
Chairperson Board of Social Ministry

  • The Pastor and the immediate past President shall be members ex-official of the Board of Directors
  • There is a Financial Secretary that is a part of the Board of Stewardship. There is a Nominating Committee, selected by the President in October, that develops a list of candidates for the November Voters Assembly meeting. There is an Auditing Committee, selected by the President, that will report to the Voters Assembly meeting in February
  • The Board of Directors shall meet at least monthly