The Doctrine of Faith Lutheran Church of Punta Gorda


Faith Lutheran Church of Punta Gorda is:


that is, we not only believe with our hearts in Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Son of God, but we confess with our lips the unchanging truth of salvation through faith in Him alone. And we confess this truth in written statements of belief called creeds and confessions.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church confesses with the whole church using the ecumenical creeds:

And she confesses the faith once delivered in specifically Lutheran Symbols:


that is, we confess that God not only came to us two millennia ago in the person of Jesus Christ, but that He continues to come to us today, washing us in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, forgiving us in the words of absolution, feeding us with His Holy Supper in the Sacrament of the Altar. By these means, God works faith in the hearts of His people, saving them, forgiving them, and strengthening them for lives of service to their neighbors.


Below are two informational brochures that discuss what it means to be a Lutheran and what the difference is between the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and the other Lutheran Church Synods.

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